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This includes the following:
  • OCAN 3.0: Training on What’s Changed
  • Comprehensive Tool Training
  • Refresher Tool Training
  • Additional Train-the-Trainer Resources
  • Using OCAN with Indigenous Populations
  • Archived OCAN 2.0 Training Resources

OCAN/IAR Reports and Quality Improvement

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OCAN Training and Reference Materials

The Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) is the electronic standardized assessment tool used in the community mental health sector.
This menu allows you to access presentations, documents and videos related to OCAN including assessment forms, training and quality improvement resources.

 What is OCAN?
Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) is a standardized assessment that

    1. Supports a client/consumer driven approach with the inclusion of a self-assessment
    2. Supports conversations with client/consumers about needs, strengths and actions
    3. Further facilitates inter-agency communication with the use of a common tool and standards
    4. Provides aggregate data to inform planning and decision making that is consistent with a recovery approach