OCAN Forms

OCAN Fields and Definitions

OCAN Training
This includes the following:
  • OCAN 3.0: Training on What’s Changed
  • Comprehensive Tool Training
  • Refresher Tool Training
  • Additional Train-the-Trainer Resources
  • Using OCAN with Indigenous Populations
  • Archived OCAN 2.0 Training Resources

OCAN/IAR Reports and Quality Improvement

OCAN Information for LHINs

OCAN/IAR Reports and Quality Improvement


     o  Use of OCAN Standardized Reports Webinar (PowerPoint)
     o  Using OCAN Reports to Support Quality Improvement (PowerPoint)
Software-generated reports
These reports are built into your organization’s source system. They can be used to review client progress over time and keep track of OCAN due date.
     o  OCAN Software Generated Reports (PDF)
     o  Reports Software Specifications (PDF)

IAR-generated reports
These reports contain aggregate OCAN data generated from OCANs uploaded to the Integrated Assessment Record (IAR). They can inform direct service delivery and strategic planning decisions.
     o  Reports Manual (PDF)
     o  OCAN 2.0 Standardized Reports Training (video)
     o  OCAN Standardized Reports Materials (PDF)


Leveraging OCAN and IAR for Quality Improvement

     Tips for Using OCAN To Support Service Delivery and Planning
     Organization & LHIN Examples: 1-Page Descriptions
     o  CMHA Cochrane-Timiskaming
     o  CMHA Toronto
     o  LHIN
     o  CMHA York and South Simcoe
     o  Niagara & Oak Centre

     OCAN Quality Toolkit (PDF)
     -  Strategies used to ensure that the information going into OCAN is of good quality
     -  How organizations are using OCAN to inform service planning and demonstrate their quality
     -  Provides worksheets to help you develop and implement your own strategies

Presentations on a number of topics including recovery-oriented use of OCAN and OCAN reports
     o  How OCAN is used to support the recovery approach (PowerPoint)
     o  How to use the OCAN Data Quality Toolkit Webinar (PowerPoint)
     o  Strategies to Support OCAN Quality and Utility (PowerPoint)
     o  Support OCAN Consent Practices (PowerPoint)
     o  Use of OCAN in Crisis Intervention Services Webinar (PowerPoint)

     o  Using IAR to share OCAN (PowerPoint)