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Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Common Privacy Framework

CCIM has been working with the community care health service providers (HSPs) to develop a Common Privacy Framework. This framework will help address privacy and consent consistently when sharing assessment information, in compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). It will also establish a baseline of privacy practices that instill trust when and where clients seek care.

The framework will be supported with tools, templates and procedures to help HSPs review privacy practices, implement new processes where appropriate and leverage best practice approaches that protect clients, while allowing access to important information as needed.

Common Privacy Framework Documents

Common Privacy Framework
Consent Management Implementation Guide and Supporting Materials
Informed Consent Sample Brochure
Informed Consent Sample Poster


IAR Solution Privacy and Security Documentation

Privacy Officer Manual
IAR Release 3 TRA Summary
IAR Release 4 TRA Summary
IAR Release 3 PIA Summary
IAR Release 4 PIA Summary

Consent Call Centre

For a sample poster with the Consent Call Centre information, click here. By phoning these numbers, clients can lock and unlock their assessments for viewing by other health service providers.


Provincial Data Sharing Agreement

Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)
DSA Signing Guide for Existing Participants
DSA Signing Guide for New Participants
Schedule A - Parties to the Agreement
Schedule D - Form of Adhesion
Update: name change for Consolidated Health Information Services


Privacy Processes

Audit Log Review Guidelines

Client Privacy Rights Support Process
EMPI HSP Process
Integrated Consent Management Process
Integrated Incident Management Process
Annual IAR Privacy & Security Self Assessment Checklist
User Account Management Process