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Guidelines for Training Practices

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OCAN Refresher Training

OCAN Quality and Using OCAN for Quality Improvement

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Using OCAN to Support Organization’s Practices

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OCAN version 3.0 Resources

OCAN 3.0 Training on Changes *This is required training for OCAN 3.0 users to understand the changes that have been made from OCAN 2.0 to 3.0
o  Webinar Registration
o  Recorded Session
o  Training Slides

OCAN 3.0 Forms
OCAN 3.0: Core
o  OCAN 3.0: Core+Self
o  OCAN 3.0: Full
o  OCAN 3.0: Consumer Self-Assessment Component

OCAN 3.0 Comprehensive Tool Training*
Module 1: Overview and Core
Module 2: Consumer Self-Assessment
Module 3: Staff Assessment
Module 4: Quality and Reports

*OCAN 2.0 Manuals and Activities can be used. Refer to “Complete Tool Training” tab.

OCAN 3.0 Reference Materials
o OCAN 3.0 Element Details

Background on OCAN 3.0:
Overview of OCAN 3.0 Slides
o  Overview of OCAN 3.0 Recorded Session

o  OCAN 3.0 Summary Report